Marvel finally made a big move by turning captain America to a villian working for Hydra, with that comes the brand new evil look for captain America. His new costume has incorporated the traditional red and blue color of the latter costume.

This might not be sitting well with most fans but at least they have hopes that his former self will be salvaged and his trust in the superhero community regained. Most people have not welcomed the twist in the captain America comics. In the Secret Empire #10 Captain America stands tall with his hydra costume in front of all the superheroes such as iron man, spiderman and black panther. The picture stirs up some feeling, mostly criticism for the new evil captain America.

Reaction from the readers

The Red skull used the cosmic cube to turn captain America's history to an evil path where he is recruited into Hydra as a child in 1920 instead of following the good safe path. Most fans got work up a little but they urged readers not to be too judgy before completing the whole story. The costume change that came with the new villian in town had it rough too.
The fans are keep pointing out the 'unsatisfactory' features on the costume. The most probable reason why marvel decided to give the once corner stone of the Avengers this new look was because of all the challenges that Steve has faced, the Secret Empire has proven to be a pain for him. Marvel has recieve some constant nudge from readers to change it a bit hoping that this will finally agitate them and bring back the superhero.

The good the bad and the ugly

Ealier this year most hearts were broken, the costume change spread among the comic readers like wildfire. This came with some negative reactions ensued almost at the same rate. The Hydra shenanigan goes against everything the superhero community goes against. Captain America has been a favourite for many and when the bomb was dropped it made fans dislike the twist.

Marvel has struggled to explain to the readers why the twist is a game changer but the fans still try to agitate them. Captain America standing over the bodies of Marvel's greatest is not that captivating. His costume also resembles the costume used by the highest officer in the hydra order, Kraken. The fact that he still has a star symbol in the new costume is maybe sign that some day the old Captain America will be back.

All in all, the costume has had some mixed reactions from the readers but for me the costume has some serious effect on the in the Marvel's storyline. The character has some good side and bad side, of course on one supports the Hydra ordeal but the costume, I have to admit, fits him perfectly. Steve has had some of the toughest challenges bit the Hydra ordeal has to be one of the most dead beat challenges. We all hope that the costume goes soon but only time will tell.