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Recently we received some full refund request from several customers, these people received the packages one month ago. 
They said the costumes don't fit, some broken or other reasons after one month from they received the packages. 
We said we need to check it firstly and also we have provided the return address for the refund. 
But they submit Paypal dispute with full refund request and they don't want to return the packages. 
And these people Threaten us they will "make sure NO ONE buys our costumes for any Comic Con".

So, How do you think of them? They get full refund and never return the packages to us. These people's actions like Fraud, right?

Everyone know if they return the package and they will get full refund, but except these people who want to do a Fraud.

So, if you are not satisfy with our products and want a refund, and if you are a trust man, please return the package to us firstly and you will get refund, and you must contact us within 7 days after you receive it. It means after the day when you received the package, you have 7 days to contact us to solve the return or other problem, we don't provide return service after 7 days. We must clear it that the costume is not worn&used or we can't provide refund, and the package should includes all clothing parts.

(Tips: we don't accept customize order return, because customize size costumes can't be re-instock and it's no useful for us, that issue will be in consultation)

That's our refund policy, thank you for your understanding. We don't welcome these people who want to do a Fraud and Threaten us.

Please feel free to contact us by email if you need any further information.

Thanks and regards.
26th July 2017